You ARE beautiful, no matter what they say

Hey there, and welcome to the first blog post from SLM Counselling! Thanks for checking in with this page and taking a look. Over the life of this blog, I plan to post regular short and digestible pieces on a broad spectrum of issues in the areas of psychological therapy and mental heath generally.

As anyone who reads this blog (or sees me for counselling) will come to know, while I take serious matters seriously, I also enjoy highlighting the lighter side of life when it’s appropriate, and it’s sitting there to be pointed out. For, it’s often been said that laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes, that it’s the best therapy (one popular quote even claims that it’s the only cure for grief!). Well, I hope to provide a few smiles and the odd laugh along the way, as I share my thoughts about a range of matters in the realms of mental health, the process and techniques of therapy and, most broadly, what it means to lead and enjoy a good life.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me for the ride.

“Cheery-Ch(T)une-Ch(T)uesday” #1

To kick off the blog, I thought I’d start a weekly habit of sharing and commenting on a song with some sort of positive message. I settled on trying to do it every Tuesday, for no particular reason, apart from the fact that Tuesday's a pretty nothing day early on in the week - not yet Wednesday, “Hump Day”, and miles away from Friday, “P.O.E.T.S Day”. I figured Tuesday could do with a little something to pep it up. So, here it is – “Cheery-Chune-Chuesday” ! (CCC, for short)

For CCC#1, I’m providing a double header, so you're going to end up watching

TWO YouTube videos.

This song is a stirring anthem calling upon anyone who feels they 're out on the fringes to rise up above the “nay-sayers” and maintain their self-esteem. It’s Christina Aguilera’s soaring 2002 ballad, BEAUTIFUL.

The film clip is a rather haunting exploration of diversity and the search for inner beauty….

Take a look:

What a voice that woman has!

Before you’re fully recovered from that, and in case it slipped your notice before now, take a look at the wonderful production number that Series One of GLEE created for the same song. Complete with a minute or so of drama to build up the expectation, here it is:

Are you feeling full of appreciation for your own inner beauty now?

I hope so & hope you enjoyed the two versions of the song...

If you'd like to receive a short email notification when I publish a blog post, send through the CONTACT FORM with the subject Blog Follow, and I'll make sure you do.

See you next Ch(T)uesday for another Cheery-Ch(T)une…

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