Big Girls, you ARE Beautiful!

Gee, these Cheery-Ch(T)une-Ch(T)uesdays seem to come around quickly!

Here we are at another one already.

I’m going to try to be a little more sparing in my comments this week. It’s supposed to be about the song – what it conveys and how it makes us feel. It’s not about me waffling!


So here we go, this week’s tune is a third and final one (for now) on the theme of beauty. It’s a response to the damaging impact of waif-skinny ‘heroin chic’ and photo-shopped magazine pictorials on the self-esteem of women. It’s a track from Mika’s 2007 breakthrough, first studio album, Life in Cartoon Motion. The song is BIG GIRL (YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL). There are a number of songs in honour of the fuller-figured woman, but I find this one a particularly upbeat and joyous celebration.

If you feel you’re carrying a few kilos more than you should (that unhelpful word), then watch this video and reflect on that:

Tell me that didn’t put a smile on your face!

I feel this post cannot pass without mention of the tragic events that have occurred in Orlando over the weekend just past.

This next song from iconic British band, Queen, is an up-tempo celebration of the joy of living life to the fullest, something Freddie Mercury most certainly did. Given everything that Freddie stood for in his life, it seems fitting to send this song out into the ether as a consoling gesture to all of those grieving as a result of the Orlando shooting. In the face of events this ghastly, we have to believe that love, in the end, is a stronger force than hate. To all of those who want to be themselves, love one another and life, this cannot stop you. The people in that club just wanted to be somewhere where they felt safe to be themselves and enjoy themselves. Let us, then, send loving thoughts to all of those grieving for those lost and hurt in Orlando.

Freddie Mercury and Queen, DON’T STOP ME NOW…

Go FULL SCREEN & turn it up!

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