Nothing's Perfect...Or is it?

As we all know, nothing’s perfect, but Tim Minchin’s combination of emotion-stirring melody with witty, wise and self-deprecating lyrics sometimes approaches it. For those who don’t know him, Tim Minchin is an Australian comedic singer-songwriter whose international reputation is continually growing and was most recently cemented by his award-winning work on the music and lyrics to the West End musical, Matilda (based on the Roald Dahl book).

This song is called, Not Perfect. Tim introduces it by suggesting it’s about that feeling we all sometimes get that we’re the smallest doll inside a babushka doll. If you don’t know what he means, then watch this seven-minute performance, and you’ll get the idea.

Cheery-Chune-Chuesday is about tracks that can get us thinking or boost our mood.

Will Not Perfect do either? Here’s what OctoberGrimm commented recently on YouTube:

“This is the song I turn to most often, whenever I'm feeling down or insecure. It's such a strangely sensitive, touching song --and then it's funny to boot, making it an even better pick-me-up.

Thank you, Tim”

..and thankyou, OctoberGrimm, for that comment.

So, here it is, Tim Minchin with Not Perfect:

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Thanks for reading (& listening)

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