Be Breathless…but focus on your Breath!

This Ch(T)uesday’s Cheery Ch(T)une is positively jaunty! I defy you to watch this video and not find yourself smiling and tapping along to its infectious lilt. This little dose of good cheer comes from someone more usually known for their literate and darkly macabre musical tale-telling. The artist is Nick Cave (& the Bad Seeds), and the song is his charming and bubbly, BREATHLESS.

Sad Goth girl

The Prince of Darkness

Nick Cave has made a career musically exploring the dark, the murderous, the Gothic. He is often at his best weaving narrative tales of doomed outsiders, ill-fated love, tragic endings. So where does BREATHLESS come from? Clearly, Nick’s lighter side!

Bubbling Brooks & Curious Bunnies

In this exercise in gaiety, Nick is in fine form lyrically with similes such as “Little white clouds like gambolling lambs” and alliterations like “bluebells bow And bend their heads”. It’s an upbeat idyll.

Pair of bunnies

All the plants and animals are taking part in this scene of jaunty enjoyment. And they’re all, including the singer, breathless over You. So, who is You? Is it the object of the composer’s love? Is it some higher power responsible for all of these natural wonders, be it God or Gaia? Does it matter? Not really. I think it can be left up to the listener to decide for themselves.

The video clip is pretty cute, too. The Bad Seeds beat out the song in a gloomy barn while the animated plants and animals are doing their thing out in the animated sunshine. At a certain point, the animals get curious and the worlds collide. Check it out.

Be Still, Breathe and be Mindful…maybe?

So is there a meditative message in there somewhere?

“I listen to my juddering bones, The blood in my veins and the wind in my lungs” – that’s sounding a bit like a mindful “body scan” to me.

“Still your soul, Still your mind…” But the roiling thoughts are always a challenge, aren't they?... “Still, the fire of love is true”.

Hope you enjoy the track, and enjoy a walk in a park soon!

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